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April 7, 2013
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  Better (Rewriteable) Holograms03.06.08
 Live, 3D holographic movies are now a big step closer. As this ScienCentral
News video explains, researchers are developing them using a new material
that makes holograms rewritable.

  Magneto Boy02.17.08
 In the movie "Be Kind, Rewind," Jack Black plays a man who is magnetized and erases an entire store-full of video tapes. But can people really be "magnetic?" In this ScienCentral News video, meet a boy who calls himself "Magneto Man," and has a reputation for making computers go wild.

play video  "Jumper" & Real Teleportation02.12.08
 From "Star Trek" to the new sci-fi film "Jumper," we’re all familiar with the idea of teleportation. But as this ScienCentral News video explains, scientists are actually doing real teleportation experiments in the lab.

  "Jumper" stars discuss teleportation02.08.08
 Actor Hayden Christensen and director Doug Liman were kind enough, and brave
enough, to talk to us about their understanding of teleportation in the real
world (as opposed to in their new movie, Jumper).

  3D Photos12.18.07
 Those vacation photos you’re uploading for your friends may be used to create virtual models of your favorite places. Researchers are able to create virtual 3-D models by combining similar snapshots posted on the Internet.

  Vocal Joystick11.30.07
 It’s a device that could open a whole new world to people who are paralyzed, and simplify some tasks for the rest of us. Researchers are developing a voice-activated alternative to the computer mouse, something they’re calling a "vocal joystick."

play video  Predicting Violence10.09.07
 Every day there are reports of sectarian violence in Iraq that threaten to
tear that country apart. But, a new mathematical
model may be able to spot areas of the world that are "powder kegs"
of ethnic tension, so that something can be done to head off an explosion of

play video  Virtual Beer10.05.07
 Computer scientists and mathematicians have developed new software models that tackle the difficult, and expensive, problem of animating fluids.

play video  Video Game Advance09.20.07
 The virtual worlds of video games, animated movies, and training simulations are taking another step towards reality with eye-popping, real-time modeling of natural elements like fire and smoke.

play video  Household Robots06.14.07
 A new breed of robots may one day lead to a robot in every home.