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December 26, 2004
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  Violent Christmas Gifts12.21.04
A proposed law in Illinois that would make it illegal for businesses to sell or rent violent video games to minors. But whether video games cause aggressive behavior is still up in the air.

play video  Violent Christmas Games12.12.04
Are the video games on your kidsí Christmas lists harmful to their mental health? With a new crop of games on store shelves, researchers are still split on the matter.

play video  Fighting Forgery11.22.04
The art world may soon have a new weapon against forgers. Scientists have found a way to tell digitally if a painting is authentic.

play video  Secret Speech Aid11.19.04
Soldiers and stroke victims might one day have something in common: a device that allows them to talk without speaking.

play video  Volcano Lessons11.11.04
While Mount St. Helens may be keeping tourists happy and civil defense officials nervous, itís also doing a pretty good job as a lab for those who study volcanoes.

play video  Vote Hacking10.29.04
For the first time, many states used new electronic voting machines on Election Day. And with some 30 percent of the country voting on these machines, computer security experts say instead of worrying about "hanging chads," we might need to worry about vote hackers.

play video  Bike Crashes08.03.04
New research points to risky moves people on bikes make, especially at busy intersections.

play video  Spam Cash06.25.04
One economist thinks the solution to the spam problem is to make the spammers pay you to open their mail.

play video  Fire Fighters in Space10.27.03
The fire-ravaged West is getting some help from outer space.

play video  Underwater Robots09.16.03
The military uses tracking dogs on land, but what about underwater? That’s the job of the Navy‚Äôs newest generation of underwater robots.

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