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August 28, 2004
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play video  Animal Olympics08.19.04
As track and field events get underway in Athens, research into how animals run could help future Olympians.

play video  West Nile Shot08.05.04
A second Californian has died of West Nile virus. This summer, the virus has spread from coast to coast, and caused several fatalities. Medical researchers have come up with a vaccine they want to test on people. But they say the rapid spread of the disease is making that testing difficult.

play video  Terror Family07.23.04
The Olympics are weeks away and organizers are scuttling to further tighten security. Researchers say terrorist groups are doing organizing of their own, using a trait found in evolution to train suicide bombers.

play video  Junk DNA07.20.04
So-called "junk DNA" may turn out to be just as important as our much sought-after genes. A new study of junk DNA could open up new areas of medical research.

play video  Smallest Robot07.15.04
A nanotechnologist has built an incredibly tiny walking robot out of living material, DNA. This minute robot eventually could help design drugs, molecule by molecule, to fight specific diseases in individual patients.

play video  Fat Into Bone07.09.04
Americans opted to remove millions of pounds of unwanted fat last year with liposuction. Now, instead of throwing all that fat away, researchers want to use it to regrow damaged joints.

play video  Smoking Damage06.21.04
New research reveals how smoking causes some damage to your DNA that you can’t undo.

play video  Vaccines and Autism06.17.04
A new study linking a once widely used vaccine preservative to behavioral problems in mice could renew parents’ fears that vaccinations increase the risk of autism. Those fears can lead parents to take a much bigger risk with their children’s health.

play video  Breath of Life06.01.04
CPR can save a life, but researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin say that if you use too many breaths, it can also kill.

play video  Worried To Death05.28.04
Daredevils and extreme athletes may risk their lives in the short term, but scientists are showing that their fearless attitudes might actually help them live longer.

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