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August 28, 2004
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play video  Lung Cancer Test08.17.04
New technology is finding red flags in our DNA that could lead to lung cancer.

  Dogs & DNA08.13.04
The first detailed genetic comparison of different dog breeds could bring new meaning to the term "man’s best friend".

play video  Olympics Doping08.12.04
These Olympics have already seen a marathon of drug tests, with some athletes
banned for testing positive for illegal substances, some who disputed positive
test results and others accused who’ve never failed a drug test. But when gene therapy goes mainstream, today could seem like the good old days.

play video  Cystic Fibrosis Mucus08.05.04
Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center say that they have found information
about cystic fibrosis that reverses long-held thoughts about the disease.

play video  Genetic Food Safety07.28.04
A report released by the National Academy of Sciences says "sizeable gaps" still remain in the knowledge needed to regulate genetically modified food. Such information is needed because these foods are more and more a part of our food supply.

play video  Junk DNA07.20.04
So-called "junk DNA" may turn out to be just as important as our much sought-after genes. A new study of junk DNA could open up new areas of medical research.

play video  Low-Carb Corn07.16.04
One biochemist has created a low-carb, high-protein corn.

play video  Alzheimer’s Gene Therapy07.13.04
Early results in the first trial of gene therapy for treating Alzheimer’s disease are out, and researchers say they are promising enough for the trial to go to the next phase.

play video  Dog Gene07.08.04
Pedigreed pooches aren’t just for show anymore. Biomedical researchers say dog genealogy is making a new contribution to human health.

play video  Dog Cancer07.06.04
Researchers at Purdue University have found an association between the risk of bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers and the dogs’ exposure to lawns treated with herbicides.

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