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August 28, 2004
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play video  Sleep and Addiction08.26.04

A bad night’s sleep for a child could mean more, in the long run, than just a cranky kid. New research suggests that childhood sleep troubles may be a potential marker for alcohol, cigarette and drug problems later in life.

play video  Brain Disease Blocker08.24.04

Genetics researchers are reporting some exciting progress in the search for a cure for genetic brain-wasting diseases like Huntington’s disease. These painful, fatal diseases often don’t cause symptoms until after their victim has passed it on to their children.

play video  Lung Cancer Test08.17.04
New technology is finding red flags in our DNA that could lead to lung cancer.

play video  Is the Sun a Drug?08.10.04
Can tanning make people feel so good that it can be addictive? Some researchers are trying to answer that question.

play video  West Nile Shot08.05.04
A second Californian has died of West Nile virus. This summer, the virus has spread from coast to coast, and caused several fatalities. Medical researchers have come up with a vaccine they want to test on people. But they say the rapid spread of the disease is making that testing difficult.

play video  Cystic Fibrosis Mucus08.05.04
Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center say that they have found information
about cystic fibrosis that reverses long-held thoughts about the disease.

play video  No Anti-Fat Bullet07.29.04
Everyone struggling against obesity wishes for a safe, effective treatment to keep them from putting on the pounds. But a natural hormone thought to do just that is turning out to be tougher to test than was hoped for.

play video  Fetal Alcohol Damage07.27.04
New research reveals how heavy drinking during the third trimester of pregnancy can cause brain damage in babies.

play video  Terror Family07.23.04
The Olympics are weeks away and organizers are scuttling to further tighten security. Researchers say terrorist groups are doing organizing of their own, using a trait found in evolution to train suicide bombers.

play video  Alzheimer’s ID07.20.04
Most Alzheimer’s drugs treat the symptoms of dementia. But a new tool may soon predict who will develop the disease even before symptoms occur.

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