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August 28, 2004
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play video  Brain Disease Blocker08.24.04

Genetics researchers are reporting some exciting progress in the search for a cure for genetic brain-wasting diseases like Huntington’s disease. These painful, fatal diseases often don’t cause symptoms until after their victim has passed it on to their children.

play video  Pain Relief Poison08.24.04
For millions of chronic pain sufferers, big relief could come from a small sea snail.

play video  Is the Sun a Drug?08.10.04
Can tanning make people feel so good that it can be addictive? Some researchers are trying to answer that question.

play video  Language Learning08.10.04
New research is shedding light on the question of whether babies think before
they learn a language.

play video  Bike Crashes08.03.04
New research points to risky moves people on bikes make, especially at busy intersections.

play video  No Anti-Fat Bullet07.29.04
Everyone struggling against obesity wishes for a safe, effective treatment to keep them from putting on the pounds. But a natural hormone thought to do just that is turning out to be tougher to test than was hoped for.

play video  Fetal Alcohol Damage07.27.04
New research reveals how heavy drinking during the third trimester of pregnancy can cause brain damage in babies.

play video  Brain Pain07.22.04
The pain of severe burns may be the most excruciating pain a person can experience. But the August issue of Scientific American describes how the ultimate in pain may be eased by the ultimate in high-tech distractions.

play video  Alzheimer’s ID07.20.04
Most Alzheimer’s drugs treat the symptoms of dementia. But a new tool may soon predict who will develop the disease even before symptoms occur.

play video  Puppy Love07.15.04
New research is uncovering how petting a dog can put you in a good mood.

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