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August 28, 2004
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play video  Teens Reading08.26.04
Every year, more than a million teens drop out of high school, mostly because they can’t read well. Right now, researchers don’t know exactly how to help teens get out of reading trouble. One thing the experts do know—they have to figure out how to persuade teenagers to read in the first place.

play video  Arts Smarts08.12.04
When schools cut their budgets, the arts are often first to go. That could be a big mistake. Recently, more and more research has found that the arts can improve kids’ interest in school, and their grades, too. One new study even says music lessons could make kids smarter.

play video  Language Learning08.10.04
New research is shedding light on the question of whether babies think before
they learn a language.

play video  Teaching Teaching08.03.04
When it comes to how well your child does in school, a good teacher can make all the difference. Right now, lots of teachers are in summer school, to get better at what they do. What exactly makes a teacher "good"? Here’s what education researchers have found out recently.

play video  Big Kids, Small Classes?06.17.04
In a smaller class, kids get more attention from their teacher, right? So shouldn’t classes be small all the way through school? In fact, education researchers disagree sharply over whether smaller classes for upper grades are worthwhile.

play video  Brain Connections06.08.04
Scientists have discovered that not only does your brain go through growth spurts; it also goes though periods of pruning.

play video  Brain Building06.01.04
Brain imaging research has uncovered new details about how young brains develop through the teenage years, revealing why idle isn’t better when it comes to the mind.

play video  Keeping Teachers05.27.04
Up to half of all new teachers quit within their first five years on the job. Researchers say what can make all the difference for new teachers is someone to watch over them, literally.

play video  Smaller High Schools05.20.04
Is the solution to big impersonal high schools splitting them into smaller schools? It sounds like a promising alternative. But is it?

play video  Real Worries05.07.04
We may have nothing to fear but fear itself. But even that can be deadly.

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