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August 28, 2004
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play video  Sleep and Addiction08.26.04

A bad night’s sleep for a child could mean more, in the long run, than just a cranky kid. New research suggests that childhood sleep troubles may be a potential marker for alcohol, cigarette and drug problems later in life.

play video  Is the Sun a Drug?08.10.04
Can tanning make people feel so good that it can be addictive? Some researchers are trying to answer that question.

play video  Terror Family07.23.04
The Olympics are weeks away and organizers are scuttling to further tighten security. Researchers say terrorist groups are doing organizing of their own, using a trait found in evolution to train suicide bombers.

play video  Puppy Love07.15.04
New research is uncovering how petting a dog can put you in a good mood.

play video  Driving While Distracted06.29.04
Researchers are finding out why talking on a cell phone impairs driving.

play video  Look Like Your Dog?06.11.04
If you think people choose dogs that look like them, you may be barking up the right tree. This theory now has some science to back it up.

play video  A Real Headache06.04.04
Anger can sometimes get the best of all of us—even if we hold it in. Researchers say suppressing anger may be a cause of chronic headaches.

play video  Wagering Rush06.03.04
Researchers are looking at what happens in our brains when we place a bet or buy lottery tickets.

play video  Worried To Death05.28.04
Daredevils and extreme athletes may risk their lives in the short term, but scientists are showing that their fearless attitudes might actually help them live longer.

play video  Brain Limits05.20.04
Scientists studying our brains may have found why mistakes can happen when we try to do too many things at one time.

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