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Modified Mosquitoes (video) - January 28, 2003
One of the world’s biggest killers, malaria takes millions of lives each year and that number is on the rise. But genetic engineers are working on modifying mosquitoes so they can’t transmit deadly diseases.

Maternal Separation (video) - January 28, 2003
Neuroscientists have found that when kids are deprived of a mother’s love, it could affect the way their brains are wired and make them more prone to abuse drugs as adults.

Worm Fat (video) - January 15, 2003
Geneticists report they’ve identified hundreds of genes that appear to make worms either fat or slim. And this may lead to big new anti-fat drugs.

Infector Detector (video) - January 09, 2003
Tiny gold particles could help speed the diagnosis of diseases.

Dying To Be Thin (video) - January 02, 2003
Doctors are searching for a genetic cause for eating disorders.

Barflies (video) - December 31, 2002
Drunk flies are helping geneticists understand alcoholism

Cloned Child (video) - December 27, 2002
With the reported birth of the first human clone comes a renewed campaign to outlaw reproductive cloning.

Stress and Socializing (video) - December 10, 2002
Do you eat or need to be around people when you’re stressed? Scientists are studying the nerve cells of tiny worms to find out why.

Of Mouse and Man (video) - December 04, 2002
Why is the publishing of the mouse genome so exciting? Just about all medical advances that benefit human patients are first studied in mice.

Egg Regs (video) - November 26, 2002
Thousands of women donate their eggs for infertile couples, but eggs also hold the promise of cures for many diseases. Now as the demand for eggs grows, women’s health advocates are already worrying about how to protect egg donors.

Clone Quirks? (video) - November 12, 2002
Are clones normal? It’s a serious question, and cloning experts are far from in agreement.

Human Cloning - The Science (video) - October 31, 2002
Cloning could one day cure diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes and even heart disease. But it could also be used to make a copy of a human being.

Human Cloning - The Ethics (video) - October 31, 2002
The United States bars government-funded scientists from cloning human cells to cure diseases. But the nation has not outlawed cloning a human being.

Malaria Milestone (video) - October 02, 2002
Scientists announced a major milestone in the fight against malaria.

Cloned Cuisine (video) - October 01, 2002
Genetically engineered animals may soon be what's for dinner. But the government still has some safety questions first.

Lifespan Gene (video) - June 07, 2002
Some scientists say the key to a long life may be a single gene.

Smoking and Pregnancy (video) - August 30, 2001
Researchers at Harvard Medical School have discovered exactly how chemicals in tobacco lead to lower fertility.

Plant Pesticides (video) - August 09, 2001
While they’ve yielded their share of controversy, most biotech crops are here to stay.

Biotech Bugs (video) - July 26, 2001
Research aimed at fighting a major cotton pest is igniting a battle over genetically modified insects.

StarLink Allergies (video) - July 17, 2001
While the experts review whether StarLink corn is safe, more foods containing StarLink are being pulled from stores.

E. coli Wars (video) - June 26, 2001
While we barbecue outside this summer, scientists are looking into various ways to stop E. coli infections from happening.

Mouse of a Different Color (video) - June 21, 2001
Researchers who turned white mice brown may have discovered an important key in understand gene expression.

Animal Archive (video) - May 22, 2001
It’s a fact that animal species are fast disappearing because of human activity. But the San Diego Zoo is trying a different approach. They are trying to save the animals by preserving their DNA and cracking their genetic code.

Genetic Food (video) - May 17, 2001
Efforts to contain the banned "Starlink" corn reveal how hard it is to keep biotech crops out of the food supply.

ENTER THE GENOME - February 10, 2001
A special web project by ScienCentral News and Nature, with a plethora of multimedia content.

Sort by: headline date showing 1 to 25, out of 51 found

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