May 13, 2003 

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Mighty Mini Motor (video) - May 01, 2003
Scientists are making incredibly tiny motors that could help keep us well.

Smart Robots (video) - April 24, 2003
Scientists are making robots that can smile, frown, and even react to your expressions and emotions.

Protein Machine (video) - April 24, 2003
Scientists are looking for ways to use motor proteins to repair injuries from inside your body.

Instant Waterproofing (video) - April 10, 2003
What if you could instantly transform your coat into a raincoat whenever you need one? Scientists have just made the very first switchable surface.

Secret Sensor (video) - March 27, 2003
Scientists have created an extremely efficient sensor for our airports and subway stations that’s particularly sensitive to hidden explosives or chemical weapons like nerve gas

Driving Blind (video) - March 13, 2003
Many lawmakers are considering making it illegal to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a hands-free phone. But hands-free phones may not be safer after all.

Rainbow X-Ray Vision (video) - March 13, 2003
One scientist has come up with a better tool for figuring out why some tumors don’t surrender to medicine’s arsenal.

Eyes in the Sky - February 28, 2003
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, are today flying serious, important and sometimes deadly missions.

Smart Ink (video) - February 27, 2003
What if creating new electronic chips was as easy as printing from your computer? This new technology might make it that easy.

Strong Stuff (video) - February 18, 2003
An imaginative scientist figured out how one tough shell is made, and how that might help us make strong new materials.

Tibet’s Treasures - February 14, 2003
You’ve heard of high-technology and even low-technology, but how about mud-technology? Mud-technology is just one tool being used in restoring valuable and ancient pieces of art.

M.D. on a Chip (video) - February 06, 2003
Next time you feel sick, your doctor might use your blood sample, plus one tiny computer chip, to rule out up to 10,000 diseases—all while you’re still there in the office.

Bio Detector (video) - January 29, 2003
Scientists are working on a way to connect a computer to living things, and the effort could help protect us from bioterror.

Watching Living Brains (video) - January 21, 2003
For the first time, scientists can watch individual brain cells in living animals for long periods of time.

Nano Designer (video) - January 16, 2003
Silicon chips have made everything electronic smaller, faster, and cheaper. Now scientists are working to make circuits so small, we won’t see them at all.

Satellite Steering (video) - January 07, 2003
Engineers have built a car that uses satellites to help you steer.

Virtually Vulnerable (video) - December 26, 2002
Researchers say your everyday Internet communications can be tapped to perform calculations.

Fancy Pants (video) - December 03, 2002
One scientist has used nanotechnology to invent fabric that actually repels spills.

Clothes That Change Color (video) - November 19, 2002
A new thread might make retail returns things of the past. You’ll be able to change the colors of your clothes to suit yourself, whenever you please.

Human Cloning - The Science (video) - October 31, 2002
Cloning could one day cure diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes and even heart disease. But it could also be used to make a copy of a human being.

High Tech Army Togs (video) - October 23, 2002
Today’s soldiers are armed with so many high-tech gadgets that they’re advertised as "an army of one." Now it looks like one of those high-tech devices may be the uniform itself.

Mind Control (video) - September 24, 2002
Brain researchers are turning thoughts into commands.

Next-Generation Radar (video) - September 20, 2002
The National Weather Service wants what the military has.

Sticky Feet (video) - September 06, 2002
A team of scientists may have discovered a way to take the fiction out of Spidernam’s sci-fi sticking power.

Lie Spy (video) - August 30, 2002
Lying might seem to be the least of terrorists’ evil deeds, but it could be the one that catches them before they can do harm. Developing technology might help airport screeners do it at a glance.

Sort by: headline date showing 1 to 25, out of 93 found

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