May 24, 2004
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play video  Show Your Pride05.06.04
Scientists are finding more and more that non-verbal communication has some common traits.

play video  Gay Brains05.03.04
Scientists are debating a new study about biological influences on sexual orientation in sheep, and what it might mean to humans.

play video  Fertility Clues04.16.04
Scientists are concerned that a woman’s health habits up to three months before she tries to get pregnant might affect whether she’ll succeed.

play video  Asthma Treatment04.15.04
With no cure and rates on the rise, more Americans are living and dealing with the effects of asthma. But a discovery could lead to much-needed new treatment.

play video  Kidney Bones04.06.04
Kidney researchers say they have rooted out what causes bone decay related to chronic kidney failure, and hope the key component might one day halt the disease itself.

play video  Memory Storage04.01.04
Brain researchers are beginning to unwind a new twist on maintaining memory.

play video  Smoking, Stress & Gender03.19.04
People trying to quit smoking often fail because of stress, and the reason for this is different in men and women.

play video  Alarm Cells03.05.04
A chemistry researcher has created a new device designed to detect unknown biological threats.

play video  Stem Cell Politics03.02.04
Both of the leading Democratic candidates say the federal government should support
embryonic stem cell research that could lead to cures for millions of patients. A leading stem cell researcher left the U.S. to pursue that dream.

play video  Bear Bones02.27.04
Scientists are studying how bear hormones could help strengthen human bones.

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