May 24, 2004
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play video  Real Worries05.07.04
We may have nothing to fear but fear itself. But even that can be deadly.

play video  Show Your Pride05.06.04
Scientists are finding more and more that non-verbal communication has some common traits.

play video  Telling Lies04.29.04
Is lying in Internet chat rooms or e-mail more common than lying face-to-face? Or over the phone? Psychologists at Cornell University want to find out when people are more likely to lie.

play video  Spine Injuries04.27.04
Researchers are developing a new way to restore movement in people with paralysis.

play video  Eating for Two04.21.04
You’re not only what you eat, you may also be what your mother ate while pregnant. A new study raises questions about how nutrition in the womb may affect our health later on.

play video  Ear Ringing04.20.04
For the millions of people who have suffered inner ear damage from exposure to loud noise, the trouble could be in their heads.

play video  Asthma Treatment04.15.04
With no cure and rates on the rise, more Americans are living and dealing with the effects of asthma. But a discovery could lead to much-needed new treatment.

play video  Brittle Bones04.13.04
A crippling disease caused by a defective gene is the latest to be fought on the genetic level.

play video  Treating the Blues04.13.04
New research may soon change the way doctors treat depression, unraveling the mystery of how mental illness begins while brain experts reveal how the mind responds to treatment.

play video  Feeling Good and Grades04.06.04
Education researchers are questioning whether high self-esteem brings academic success or the other way around.

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