May 24, 2004
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play video  Real Worries05.07.04
We may have nothing to fear but fear itself. But even that can be deadly.

play video  Too Few Teachers04.22.04
Some school districts are heavily recruiting new teachers—partly because so many teachers are ready to retire. But there’s new evidence that retirement isn’t the main reason teachers leave the profession.

play video  Too Big High Schools04.08.04
Most American teenagers attend high schools with more than a thousand students. A study says kids learn more in smaller schools. But how small is smaller?

play video  Feeling Good and Grades04.06.04
Education researchers are questioning whether high self-esteem brings academic success or the other way around.

play video  Memory Storage04.01.04
Brain researchers are beginning to unwind a new twist on maintaining memory.

play video  Robo Dancer03.23.04
If ballroom dancing or swing is your thing, here’s a new twist on how dance
partners communicate.

play video  Early Class Size03.22.04
Teaching researchers are split over whether making classes smaller will really help students do better in school.

play video  Teen Sleep03.11.04
Researchers now believe unhealthy changes in your child’s attitude or schoolwork may be linked to lack of sleep.

play video  Monkey Talk03.04.04
Researchers have discovered that some monkeys process the sounds of other monkeys in their brains much like the way people process language.

play video  Wiring the Brain02.24.04
Interested in continuing education? Brain researchers have uncovered one mechanism that controls how our brains make new connections.

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