May 24, 2004
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play video  Missing DNA Link05.04.04
A clue to how humans evolved from apes may be in our heads according to some scientists — a glitch in a single gene may have paved the way.

play video  Mosquitoes and Sweat04.27.04
Scientists are zeroing in on what makes mosquitoes so good at zeroing in on humans to bite.

play video  Glowing Fish04.26.04
Scientists are finding the deep dark mysterious ocean isn’t quite so dark as originally thought.

play video  Bird Brain Gene04.20.04
Human speech and bird song may have more in common than we know, and the research could lead to new progress for people with genetic speech disorders.

play video  Turtle Trouble04.15.04
The world’s largest turtle seems headed for extinction, and its biggest struggle may be with fishing gear. Could changing some of that gear help solve the problem?

play video  Drinking Gene04.09.04
Alcoholics may one day get help from drugs that turn off a switch that triggers drunkenness.

play video  Trojan Gene04.01.04
Scientists call it the "Trojan Gene effect," and it shows how genetically improving farmed fish could end up wiping out large numbers of their wild relatives.

play video  Snake Origins03.16.04
A famous Saint Patrick’s Day legend explains why Ireland has no snakes. Now biologists are using DNA to explain why snakes have no legs.

play video  Big Bad Wolf03.02.04
With wild wolf populations growing in some states, wildlife researchers want to know who’s afraid.

play video  Bear Bones02.27.04
Scientists are studying how bear hormones could help strengthen human bones.

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