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November 19, 2003
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  Fireballs from Space11.14.03
Over the past few weeks, the sun has hurled record-breaking solar flares at the earth, and scientists say that the invisible shield that protects us from them is weakening.

play video  Fire Fighters in Space10.27.03
The fire-ravaged West is getting some help from outer space.

play video  Toxin Eaters10.21.03
Scientists have found a new way to clean up polluted groundwater.

play video  Measuring Isabel09.17.03
Whether or not a hurricane warrants an evacuation is a costly decision. Now new technology is helping scientists
decide when evacuation is necessary.

play video  Destination Inner Space09.11.03
Hundreds of geoscientists will study North America and the earth below from the surface, but one planetary scientist has a radical idea that would go far deeper: a mission to the center of the earth.

play video  Lost City07.23.03
Oceanographers have found additional evidence that life on earth may have first been found on the ocean floor.

  Volcano Alert07.11.03
Earth scientists are using technology to monitor the sixty-seven potentially-active volcanoes in the United

play video  City Rain06.26.03
If you’re one of the millions living in or near America’s coastal cities, plan on getting wet.

play video  Industrialized Fishing05.14.03
A study published in the journal Nature reveals that there may be as little as ten per-cent of major marine life left in the sea.

  Drowning Cities05.09.03
Forecasters predict that the hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin will be well above average this year. And in cities like New Orleans, hurricanes are only part of the problem.

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