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September 20, 2004
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play video  Testing Einstein08.06.04
It’s been over 80 years since Einstein made a couple of very curious predictions about gravity. Now a spacecraft launched in April is ready to test them.

play video  Space Elevator01.29.04
President Bush has called for new technology to make space travel easier. Nanotechnology might lead the way, by making possible an elevator into space.

  Mars Landing Fight01.02.04
NASA scientists and engineers struggled with the decision of where to land the first of their twin rovers.

  To Mars With Heart12.26.03
The machines landing on and exploring Mars have captured their inventors’ human hearts.

play video  Fire Fighters in Space10.27.03
The fire-ravaged West is getting some help from outer space.

  Mars Approaches08.26.03
The orbits of Earth and Mars are closer than they’ve been for almost 60,000 years.

play video  City Rain06.26.03
If you’re one of the millions living in or near America’s coastal cities, plan on getting wet.

play video  Safe In Space06.26.03
Nanotechnology may come up with some extremely tiny tools to help us detect hazards on Mars.

play video  The Real Red Planet05.22.03
NASA plans to launch two more missions to explore Mars. The main objective is to determine more about its supply of the key to possible life—water.

  Infinite Cosmos04.04.03
A NASA satellite just took a baby picture of the universe. It’s a photo that Albert Einstein would have been relieved to see.

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