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September 20, 2004
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play video  Bike Crashes08.03.04
New research points to risky moves people on bikes make, especially at busy intersections.

play video  Spam Cash06.25.04
One economist thinks the solution to the spam problem is to make the spammers pay you to open their mail.

play video  Fire Fighters in Space10.27.03
The fire-ravaged West is getting some help from outer space.

play video  Underwater Robots09.16.03
The military uses tracking dogs on land, but what about underwater? That’s the job of the Navy’s newest generation of underwater robots.

  Decoding Terror08.22.03
As computers and software become more powerful, cracking code has become harder for the National Security Agency.

play video  Wired Ready-to-Wear07.31.03
Want clothes that change color? Smart fashions will need nanotechnology to be ready to wear.

play video  Electronic Paper07.17.03
Nanotechnologists say that soon everyone could be reading off electronic paper.

  Virtual Fireworks07.04.03
New computer software is giving fireworks show designers tools they never had before.

play video  Forecasting Terror06.03.03
How do you forecast where a toxic or radioactive cloud is headed? A new report proposes turning a U.S. city into a lab for making those predictions fast and accurate.

play video  Grow Your Own Chip05.29.03
Sea shells could be the inspiration for the next generation of electronic chips.

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