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ScienCentral is a production company specializing in science and technology content for television, video and the Web. From broadcast news features to educational products, we not only know how to communicate complex ideas about medicine, health, technology, and the environment—we also know how to tell a good story.

ScienCentral enables its partners to reach a variety of audiences. Through our weekly news stories, we’ve enriched ABC’s and NBC's local television newscasts across the country. Through our video and Web productions, we've helped the Nature Publishing Group inform the general public and helped The Franklin Institute science museum further inspire its top benefactors. How can we help you?

About ScienCentral

ScienCentral, Inc. is a small science and technology TV news and production company based in New York City. It was co-founded in 1996 by scientist and CEO/President Eliene Augenbraun to increase the number of quality science stories being broadcast to the public. The company established an independent news bureau, ScienCentral News (formerly known as Science & Technology News Network), to report on the medical, environmental, and technological issues affecting daily life. ScienCentral News' features can now be seen several times each week on ABC’s and NBC's local TV affiliate stations.

The company also produces general science and technology projects. ScienCentral Productions has helped organizations such as the Institute of Medicine and the Lucent Technologies Foundation communicate science and technology to various audiences through videos, educational products, and the Web. And in collaboration with Twin Cities Public Television, ScienCentral also co-produced “Transistorized!”—the award-winning PBS documentary on the invention of the transistor.

What's new

ScienCentral CEO/President to speak at Gordon Research Conference, “Frontiers of U.S. Science & Technology Policy.”
On Tuesday, July 30, Dr. Eliene Augenbraun will participate on a panel discussion, “Knowledge as Public Good: Putting ‘Publics’ into Policy” sponsored by the Gordon Research Conference. The conference is being hosted from July 28 through August 2, 2002, at Connecticut College in New London, CT. Augenbraun will share her insights on the importance of bringing science and technology to commercial television via local news.
The Gordon Research Conference is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization devoted to scientific and educational purposes. Attendees consist of scientists, policymakers and science educators.


’s talented writers, producers, editors and project managers help organizations communicate ideas and stories about a wide range of science and technology topics. From reporters to managers, our staff has years of experience producing work that brings to the public a greater appreciation and understanding of science-based discovery and technological developments.

In addition to on-site scientists, ScienCentral works with a network of scientific and technical advisors to ensure accuracy in each and every ScienCentral story and program.


ABC News (New York, NY)

American Institute of Physics (College Park, MD)

The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (New York, NY)

Institute of Medicine (Washington, DC)

Lucent Technologies Foundation (Murray Hill, NJ)

National Science Foundation (Washington, DC)

Nature Publishing Group (London, UK)

NBC News (Charlotte, NC)

David and Lucile Packard Foundation (Los Altos, CA)


PBS/Twin Cities Public TV (St. Paul, MN)

Popular Science Magazine (New York, NY)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (New York, NY)

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ScienCentral News
. ScienCentral News, our independent news bureau, produces short features that are broadcast on ABC’s and NBC's local TV affiliate stations each week.

Transistorized! We co-produced this award-winning hour-long documentary on the invention of the transistor for PBS. [PLAY]WEB (sub-tab)

The Franklin Institute Awards . We wrote and produced a video series celebrating laureates of the annual Franklin Medals/Bower Awards, including a piece on Intel founder Gordon E. Moore.

Gene Scene. We produced a 30 minute educational program for Edudex, which informs high school students of issues around genetic research.

Institute for Electrical and Electonic Engineers Virtual Museum. We designed and implemented the society’s online history of electronics, a database-driven website featuring entertaining information and animations.

Transistorized! We created this companion website to the award-winning PBS documentary on the invention of the transistor.

Enter the Genome. In collaboration with the Nature Publishing Group, we created a special co-branded web/TV project that coincided with the publication of the human genome.

Mammography and Beyond
. We produced a video/CD-ROM package to educate women about methods for early detection of breast cancer, and inform policymakers about the need to develop new detection and prevention technologies for the Institute of Medicine.

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Contact information:

ScienCentral, Inc.
248 West 35th Street, 17th floor
New York, NY 10001

Telephone: (212) 244-9577
Fax: (212) 244-9578
Toll free: (877) 4-SCIENCE


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